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Increase computing density and energy efficiency. 

Xyber’s cooling system uses heat pipes to move heat from the components inside servers to the sides of the rack where the heat can be isolated and removed efficiently.

A heat pipe is a specially designed sealed copper tube that uses a minute amount of fluid to move heat. Our patented design isolates the heat on the sides of the rack where natural convection takes over and the heat is ducted to the outside.

Isolate and move heat with physics, not mechanics

A data center is like a patient infected with a virus and instead of taking the same approach of treating the symptoms we cure the virus by isolating the servers from the data center and creating two air envelopes.


Xyber Technologies’ patented cooling platform does not require fans, liquid cooling or oil submersion. Our passive cooling architectures employ advanced heat pipe technology and can be integrated with most standard hardware components found in servers, storage devices, networking appliances and PCs.