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Austin's Startup of the Year!

It's almost here: Celebrate 2015 is the time of year when we celebrate all things startup, which includes mentor sessions, inspiring keynotes, and workshops. Though, perhaps everybody's favorite part of the conference is our Startup of the Year Competition. Over the course of the entire year we've been hosting events in awesome tech ecosystems across Tampa, San Francisco, and Boston.

Can heat pipes make CRACs a thing of the past?

There is no Moore's Law equivalent in cooling technology. As processors relentlessly get faster and denser, the amount of high-power servers a company can screw onto a data center rack is limited by the amount of power available to that rack and the amount of cold air the facility is able to push to it.

From Concept to Reality: Xyber Technologies pioneers the future of data centers

This post is part of a series profiling companies' journeys from concept to reality, and is presented by FedEx. As always, VentureBeat is adamant about maintaining editorial objectivity. As the only brother of five sisters growing up in Honduras, Mario Facusse - founder of revolutionary server cooling company Xyber Technologies - couldn't imagine one day becoming an entrepreneur.