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Xyber Technologies (@xyber_tech) is a semi-finalist in Texas A&M's New Ventures Competition #TNVC2018

Xyber Technologies is proud to be recognized by this prestigious academic institution as a leader in innovating the cloud. #TNVC2018


We set forth to make data centers beacons of sustainability into our connected future and continue to lead with innovative technologies.

Data centers consume 3% of the world's power, are responsible for 2% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and consume over 160 billion gallons of fresh water, each year, for cooling. Xyber Technologies has developed a patented cooling system, for new and existing data centers, which reduces power consumption by 40% with no moving parts. Thereby saving the average data center over $500k per year.

About the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition

The Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and The Texas A&M University System, along with a growing number of sponsors, are working to ensure today’s innovative ideas become a reality through the Texas A&M New Ventures Competition. Aimed at promoting the commercialization of emerging technology, the competition recognizes companies with high-growth potential and provides seed funding to help them effectively execute their ideas and advance product development.


With world-class researchers and state-of-the-art facilities, TEES are leaders in engineering innovation.

For 100 years, the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station has performed groundbreaking engineering research and developed technology to address state and national problems. TEES research activities focus on relevant needs in areas including energy systems and services, national security, healthcare, materials and manufacturing, information systems and sensors, industry outreach, and education and training.