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Xyber wins Energy Technology Open Competition - Resource Efficiency

Xyber has won 2017's Energy Technology Open Competition in the Resource Efficiency category.

Xyber's CEO Mario Facusse pitched and won in the Resource Efficiency category to become a finalist for this year's competition.

I started Xyber because I wanted a silent gaming computer. It was an investor that later said I had the right solution to the wrong problem. Data centers are crucial to modern economies and most don’t realize the cost of them on the environment. Being a part of a solution that not only propels us into the future but solves the problem in a scalable way is very exciting.
— Mario Facusse, CEO, Xyber Technologies

The competition was fierce and each entrepreneur made their teams proud, but Xyber came out on top! We are proud that our CEO's passion reached the judges to rule in our favor and thank the organizers for putting on such a great competition for Austin's best.

Xyber would especially like the thank Aanandh Chandrasekar for his help and support throughout this process.

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