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With exponential growth in IT demand, providers and consumers of data center infrastructure and services face increasing pressure to become more efficient for cost and environmental reasons. Data center operators have learned that the goal of decreasing their carbon footprint is aligned with increasing profitability.


We began with the premise that a virus is infecting and multiplying within the data center:  power-hungry, loud, heat-generating servers and other IT appliances.  As data center computing density continues to advance, patients are getting sicker.  Data center designers and facilities managers are tasked like ER doctors with keeping patients’ fevers down to acceptable levels, but they cannot directly attack the virus.

To effectively cure the patient, we brought together an international team with expertise in material science, electrical engineering, IT hardware development, and data center design. Xyber’s passive cooling technology is seamlessly integrated within the IT hardware and can extend throughout the data center physical plant, effectively mitigating the patient’s fever.  This solution effectively addresses heat capacities, power efficiencies, and design requirements for both standard enterprise hardware and HPC solutions within the most challenging environments.

Our engineering team spent thousands of man-hours running simulations, creating early alpha-one prototypes and continuously testing to failure in order improve efficiency with each new generation. Once the desired efficiencies were achieved, we built multiple alpha-two prototypes and tested them to failure, generating terabytes of data that the team spent months analyzing to optimize design efficiencies. Then we sent beta-one prototypes to one of the largest independent test labs in North America, where over the span of six months they tested our systems to failure for validation and certification. The lab validated our performance results and certified the systems for UL, FCC, CSA, and CE. With the necessary validation, we created a simulated data center environment to test beta-two prototypes in multiple real world scenarios, which were further validated by real world testing results in beta customer test environments. We explicitly directed beta customers to push the limits and test our systems to failure. No customer has been able to achieve system failure.



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XTECH partnered with Foley & Lardner and, in addition to receiving International Patent Allowance in July
2013, has been granted the following patents:

  • USA - Patents number US 8582298 B2, US 9036351 B2, US 8582298, US 9351424, and US 20140036450 from the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office on November 2013, February 2014, May 2015, and May 2016, respectively.

  • Canada - Patents number CA 2766115 A1 and CA 2766115C from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office on January 2011 and January 2016, respectively.

  • Europe - Patent number 10797469.3 by the European Patent Office on February 2012.

  • Singapore - Patent number 201109497.6 from the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore on October 2012.

  • China - Patent number 201080037116.2 from the State Intellectual Property Office of the Peoples Republic of China on September 2016.

  • South Korea - 10-2012-7001004 on January 2017.

Mario Facusse

Mario Facusse
Founder & CEO

Mario is the inventor of Xyber’s patented technology. While studying at Florida Institute of Technology, he learned about cooling systems used in satellites to equalize temperatures, which led to the idea behind the technology.

As an avid PC-based gamer, he envisioned using heat pipe technologies in novel ways to develop high-end computers that would run cool and silent. Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Mario attended high school in the United States at the Culver Military Academy in Indiana.

He enjoys Dolphins football and fishing in his spare time.

David Scott Kosch

Scott Kosch
Board Member

Scott has 25 years experience as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and management consultant across IT, telecom, traditional and interactive media, energy, and financial services. In addition to his leadership role with Xyber, Scott is Managing Partner at Kosch Capital, which provides funding and liquidity solutions to early stage companies, where he has personally invested in over 60 startup companies.

Scott has been directly involved with Xyber, not only as an investor and strategic advisory but also contributing to product development.  

Scott has a BA in Economics and Psychology from Claremont McKenna College and a MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Scott resides in Austin, TX, where he enjoys spending time with his family and the rare round of golf.

Carl Boisvert

Carl Boisvert
Board Member

Carl brings 30 years of technology channel sales, management and financial experience to his role at Xyber.

Carl led the Global Channel for both Storage and Trusted Advisors like SI/ISV's and MSP's for IBM, including a more than 18 years of executive management at both small and large corporate high tech companies. Prior to IBM, Carl was President and CEO of SafeTSribe Technologies, whose IP was successfully sold. He is also the former President and CEO of ClearCube Technologies, a successful PC Blade manufacturer and management software provider.

Dixon Chan Dick

Dixon Chan Dick
Technology Development Advisor

With 30 years of industry experience, Dixon has developed and managed microprocessor and ASIC development, BIOS and OS development, and network protocol development and deployment. Starting with IBM and later Compaq Computer, he developed deep experience in hardware, software and networking as a developer and team leader in multiple cycles of PC product deployment. Dixon also led the effort to build, deploy, and manage the first Intranet and operational Internet connection for Compaq Computer.

Dixon earned a BS in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Illinois, with graduate work at the University of Houston and Florida Atlantic University in Neural Networks and Advanced Networking Architecture.

Simon Lee

Simon Lee
Strategy & Business Advisor

Simon has 25 years of experience investing in the private markets with a deep focus on information technology, data communications, and energy companies in the US, Western Europe and Asia. He has been a General Partner at several notable investment firms including Sapience Capital Partners, Infotech Venture Partners, and Baker Capital.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the Harvard Business School. Within the data center space, Simon has been involved with several industry leading companies, including Interxion and Equinix.

Frederic Bartel

Frederic Bartel
Financial Advisor & Market Advisor

Born and residing in Hamburg, Germany, Frederic works for one of the largest auditing firms in Germany.  He has been involved with Xyber since inception as a trusted advisor.

Frederic graduated from high school in the United States at Culver Military Academy and earned a BS in Finance from the University of South Florida.

Frederic enjoys the Fussball Bundesliga and the occasional round of golf.

Reeder Ward

Reeder Ward
Product Development & Research

In addition to his advisory role with Xyber Technologies, Reeder’s broad experience base has enabled him to successfully manage projects in many technical realms, including development of computer systems, information systems, control systems, custom machine designs, high precision opto-mechanical systems, and several communication systems.

Reeder received his BS in Electrical Engineering from West Virginia University and earned his MS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University. He has written various papers and received patents in the fields of mechanics and optics.