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Increase computing density and energy efficiency. 


Xyber Technologies’ patented cooling platform does not require fans, liquid cooling or oil submersion. Our passive cooling architectures employ advanced heat pipe technology and can be integrated with most standard hardware components found in servers, storage devices, networking appliances and PCs. 


The world's most efficient passive cooling platform. Patented.


Our solutions can revolutionize new data center design, extend the useful live of legacy data centers, facilitate the commercialization of cutting-edge HPC systems, and improve the performance of specialty IT systems for industrial and military applications.


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Reduce server consumption... and noise.


Fan-based cooling systems require power to operate as well as generate unwanted vibration and noise. Also, fans are usually the first component to fail, which reduces uptime and results in over-heating that can damage more valuable system components. Our technology cools components more efficiently than legacy systems and has no moving parts.


Savings across any climate conditions.


Xyber-engineered hardware and data center designs enable higher operational densities, while significantly reducing IT power consumption and facility cooling costs. More consistent operating temperatures and less moving parts improve hardware uptime, performance, and longevity.


No-Maintenance Cooling


Hardware complexity and maintenance issues are reduced by eliminating moving parts within servers and racks, while uptime is increased.


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